Why you will love Rural Living

You will love rural living, for its benefits. This article looked at some of the benefits, so here we will look at some others.  Clean air, freedom, independence, and community are some of these benefits. However, you have to have a certain personality for rural living.

If you do have what it takes, you will find a richer happier life in a rural area. Away from the constant noise and movement of the city families can grow and develop in harmony with nature.

Learning to work with the land to provide for your family, will bring its own feelings of reward. This article highlights some of the reasons you will fall in love with rural life.


  1. Freedom
  2. Growth
  3. Commitment
  4. Values
  5. Independence
  6. Conclusion
  7. Recommended top 5 Books for beginners
Freedom-Why You Will Love Rural Living
Freedom-Why You Will Love Rural Living


Freedom means many things for different people. Is freedom simply being able to sit and listen to birdsong without traffic noise? Or is it the ability to set your own work hours?

Is it the right to not have to hear a neighbors music day in day out? For some it is a deep belief in the right to own your land and do whatever you want on it. For others a simple feeling of not having to deal with other people.

You have to examine what freedom means to you, and what you want and need from rural life before deciding to make the move.

That toes in the sand feeling!

Walking along the beach barefoot. An idyllic image for many. Walking barefoot down a city street. A disgusting image for lots of people. For most of us the thought of walking barefoot anywhere is immediately followed by thoughts of germs, disease, and grime.

In a rural environment, on your own land this thought process changes. There is an amazing sense of freedom being able to kick your shoes off and walk across a lawn. Now imagine this through a woodland or across a stream. Imagine the joy of allowing your children to run barefoot across a field or park, without worrying about broken glass or hypodermic needles.

That sense of safety is one of the main reasons you will love rural living

The rights to do 

Most rural areas, and when you are on your own land, include very different rights to living in an urban area. This is dependant on the country you live in, yet generally driving and shooting are far more accessible on your own land.

Being able to give your children basic hunting and driving skills if you choose to are far easier in rural areas. Simply having the space to do things such as create a vegetable garden is also important. 

Building what you need

Dependant on local law and permissions ( please check the relevant ones) you can build what you need. Learning blacksmithing and need a forge, or workshop. On your own land this becomes far easier than in a suburban or urban environment.

This also includes the noise issues with having no close neighbors, or only a few that you can come to an arrangement with.

This freedom also leads to the next section 


The ability if you own your own land to grow as your family does os one of the greatest freedoms you can have. As you delve into the related areas such as off-grid living and homesteading you see many families living this lifestyle. What you also see is the ease in which they add rooms or build new structures to accommodate growth.

This can be anything from a chicken coop, greenhouse, or more bedrooms. This ability to match your growth is unavailable in a city environment where you have no space to build around you. You will soon come to love this ability to grow rural living brings.

Personal growth

Once you have made the decision to move to a rural area a range of opportunities opens up. Not only things such as outdoor activates due to more available space. Other opportunities also open up to those living the country life.

Neighbors in rural areas have a wealth of knowledge and due to the pace of life are far more willing to share that knowledge. Looking back at blacksmithing, in a rural area it is a common skill, you will easily find a local who can give you lessons and pointers.

This will be the same for many other skills also.

New skills

As you grow into your rural life, you will find that there are skills you need for day to day living. If you are of a certain mindset you will love rural living for this opportunity.

As you grow your homestead or vegetable garden your skills and knowledge will also grow. one of the benefits of rural life is the pace it offers makes many of these skills easier to develop as you don’t feel rushed to get through them.

Patience and time allow your skills to grow in a more natural manner.

Your Children become explorers 

Rural living is easy to love when you see the way it impacts your children. Young children having the freedom to explore and discover in a safe environment, is a huge benefit.

Simply having a small garden offers a child a great chance to explore and develop inquisitive skills. opening that out to a rural setting lets those skills grow as the child grows. It also allows the development of enjoyment of learning, something that will stand them in good stead throughout life.

Keeping Chickens-Why You Will Love Rural Living
Keeping Chickens-Why You Will Love Rural Living


Each choice you make when living rurally is a commitment to something. A quick trip to the local store, is quite often an hour-long journey. Time always seems to work differently in rural living and learning to love this is important.

Skills, gardening, keeping animals, and similar all require a commitment, they also bring a sense of achievement that starts to define who you are as a person. This commitment is crucial to you gaining the most from your rural lifestyle. Commit fully to each endeavor and only move on once you feel you have reached a suitable level.

Growing food

Growing food takes time. Lots of time. This can range from a few weeks for a radish to Asparagus taking 3 Years from Seed to Harvest. There is a commitment to growing food that as you develop you will start to find reduces stress.

Growing food is one of the benefits of rural living you will come to love. Knowing how fresh and chemical-free your food is, and the sense of pride in providing for your family. It is a long term commitment that grows as your garden and family grow. The key is starting small, and developing it over time.


Keeping animals as pets or livestock is perhaps one of the largest commitments you will undertake. Cost and time are both commitments to consider. Vet bills can be costly and feeding animals can also add up in cost.

When starting out on the route towards self-sufficiency, chickens for eggs or meat, and rabbits for meat are common small scale options. Developing the mindset between pet and produce is also a commitment many falter on. Once you develop this mindset however, livestock can be one of the reasons you love rural living.


Taking on a homestead, farm, or cottage in a rural setting is a commitment in itself. You may love the idea of rural living. Countryside life sounds like bliss. A Rural lifestyle is something you’ve always dreamed about.

The building needs upkeep. Land needs tending. The closest maintenance company could be hours away. Learning to repair things becomes a necessity. This commitment also becomes a sense of self-worth.

You find a sense of accomplishment in repairing the shed roof. You have pride in the fence you built. This greatly improves your mental health and wellbeing and you will soon love this benefit of rural life.


Rural living brings with it a set of values. As you have already seen, growth, commitment, and freedom all improve your standard of living. This also includes the values of integrity, honesty, hard work, and compassion.

Rural communities develop a sense of how can I help instead of what’s in it for me attitude of many in the city. the opportunity to promote those values in your children will soon have you loving rural life and country living.

Hunting and compassion

One value that for many can be a little confusing or dislikable is hunting. Animal management in many forms is part of rural life. Unfortunately this can include culling and other methods such as vermin control. Hunting is a subject that for many is very distasteful.

As you learn more about rural life you may find your opinion changing. Many hunters have a great sense of compassion for the animals they hunt. A  distinction will develop between sports hunters and professional hunters that perhaps you did not appreciate before.

Hunting is a part of rural life and you have to make a personal decision about your feelings surrounding it. Read up on the different approaches and reasons for hunting in a rural setting. Then you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Help thy neighbour

Rural communities though spread out can be very close-knit. Your nearest neighbour may be over a mile away, yet you may know more about them than 10 city neighbours in the same building.

There is a need in rural areas to support each other. This is partly created by the solitude felt by many. This support network instills a great value in people of putting others first. Sharing and supporting each other through difficult times, becomes common.

This value can be sorely lacking in a more populated city area. 

Hard Work

Rural living is hard work, long days, bad weather, and a host of other difficulties that can surround rural life. This depends on where and how deeply you are ingrained in rural living. a simple retirement cottage in a small village is different from a multi-acre homestead.

This is one of the benefits overlooked by people. You can choose. What do you place value on? What do you feel is important? These values are the ones you put the hard work into. This is how you grow in a rural setting, how you commit to rural life. This is the freedom you value, and your hard work. 

Sheep, Potential Livestock
Sheep, potential livestock-Why You Will Love Rural Living


Independence is a great benefit of rural life. If you value it. But it takes hard work. Growing your own food, generating your own power, making your own things, and building your own structures. Any of these and more can be seen as independence.

Self-sufficiency and homesteading are key ideals for many who want independence. Permaculture, tiny homes, van living, and other recent trends have shown that many of us struggle with the crowded life of a city dweller. Moving to a rural area is the first step for many to try and change this.


The internet is a wonderful thing, it allows the van life nomads to work from anywhere they wish. It also allows those that live a rural life the same opportunity. Working from home for many is a well-explored income route. These are some considerations to examine with rural internet.

If you are developing a homestead/farm lifestyle, income may also be part of the model you are working towards. This potential to build your own business, is a great catalyst for many to make the change to rural life.

Take a leap

You decide, how you will live. Rural living is something you will love. Or will it be something you hate? Are you prepared to work at it? Do you want an easy life? the choice is yours. We all have simple needs, food and shelter are the two main ones. How you provide those is your choice.

What level they need to be is also your choice. Many people who take the leap to cabin life will live in a tent, van, or shack while they build their dream cabin. Is that the level of commitment you have? Or would you prefer to save and buy a little cottage by the sea? This is the leap you have to take.

Choose your independence and go for it. 

But what if

Independence is the ability to make a choice and live with it. It is also the ability to change your mind. If you find that something does not work reassess and make a change. This is the true sense of independence. You are relying on yourself.

This means you cannot blame others for problems. Relying on yourself also means accepting that not every choice will be the right one. We all make mistakes. Learn from them and adapt. Be independent, rely on yourself, trust yourself, and allow yourself to be wrong sometimes.


Growth, freedom, independence, values, and commitment have all been offered here as reasons you will love rural living. You however have to make your own conclusion. What is most important to you? Throughout this site will offer advice, information, guides, and tips on many aspects of going rural.

What you as an individual take away from these is your choice. Much like a rural community we hope to develop this online one into a support network of global neighbors who help out when they can.

Drop a comment below on what support you feel you need, and on what you feel you could offer others.

Recommended top 5 Books for beginners 

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