Why Moving To The Countryside Is A Good Idea
Why Moving To The
Is A Good Idea

Moving to the countryside is a major decision. There are many benefits to moving to a rural area, clean air, organic food, outdoor activities, and being closer to nature are the most obvious. But why should you move to the countryside? What do you gain from it? How will it change your life? These are the questions only you can answer. In this article we are going to look at some of the general reasons for going rural is a good idea. So let us break it down into some of the main reasons we might think about living in a rural setting and why each one is a good idea.


  1. Retiring To A Rural Cottage
  2. Starting A Homestead / Farm
  3. Building A Permaculture Lifestyle
  4. Off-Grid Living
  5. Outdoor Sports And Activities
  6. Conclusion
  7. 5 Recommended Books from Amazon
Moving to the country to retire in a cottage
Moving to the country to retire in a cottage

Retiring To A Rural Cottage 

Perhaps you have reached that point in life where you are about to retire. After years of working and living in a busy city or town, a quiet retirement may sound perfect. A small cottage nestled in the hill somewhere may be exactly what you are looking for. This could be on the edge of farmland, overlooking the sea or a cabin in the woods.

Your idea of a retirement cottage is what you want it to be. Let’s look at why it may be a good idea.


In Good Things About Rural Areas we discussed how rural communities are tight nit and neighbors both know each other and help out often. We have all heard the stories of people dying in apartments and not being found for days. People in rural areas are far more likely to notice you not stopping by the store, and coming to check up on you than in a city.

If you have built a solid connection with the local community and truly become part of it, you will have an amazing help and support network around you. Yet that network will also give you the space to enjoy your peace and quiet.

Space For Your Hobbies

Cottages, cabins, and other small rural homes, allow you to have space that in a city you may not have access to. An obvious one is being able to start your own garden, but could also be room to build a workspace for model boats, a sewing room or any other craft-based activity, you now have the time to enjoy.

Finding a single story rural home may also be of benefit as the invariable old age creeps up, You may thank yourself for living somewhere without stairs in your later years.


Access to gentle exercise is important as we enter the later stages of life. Being able to open your front door and be instantly out in nature is a great reason for moving to the countryside. The ability to access walks and clean unpolluted air is a health benefit that is ideal for the later years of our lives.

Even just being able to sit out in the garden and listen to the birds is beneficial to both mental and physical health after years of strenuous work and busy city life.

Retiring to the countryside is a great idea. Deciding where is a series of choices that need to be made. Care needs to be taken if underlying medical conditions require regular medical checkups, that it is not too far of a journey.

Starting A Homestead / Farm

Homestead or farmstead living is growing in popularity. The ability to not only live off the land but also make an income is a huge incentive for many people. Moving to the countryside to start a farm or homestead business is a gargantuan decision and can be a make or break situation.

Many smallholding struggle financially, and the workload can surprise the unprepared. Yet it can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling lifestyles that you can live. If it is suitable for you it is a great reason for moving to the countryside.

Be Your Own Boss

Running any business and being your own boss can be amazing. The sense of achievement, and freedom can be some of the most rewarding feelings in your life. That level of self-reliance can be difficult and hard, yet also fulfilling. If you have family, teaching your children the discipline and effort required to succeed can help develop their work ethic far above others.

Every piece of money you receive feels more valuable and appreciated than being someone else’s employee. 

Working On What You Enjoy

Moving to the countryside to start a homestead or farm, is usually a choice made by those that love animals or farming. Your average person tends not to think of it as a life choice. This means that if you have chosen to try your hand at a farm or homestead you already have an idea of what work you will enjoy.

Livestock, crops, or a combination will now be your daily life. It can be a wonderful feeling to know that each day you are going to be part of the lifecycle of many things.


A homestead or small farmstead, thrives on diversity. Every day can bring something new and different. This is a far more interesting life than a factory worker or office staff, who only do the same thing day after day for many, many days.

Diversification is also about what crops, animals, and other income sources you look at and work with. This can ensure at least some income, unlike getting laid off from a conventional job where your income can suddenly stop completely.

Moving to the country to start a homestead
Moving to the country to start a homestead

Building A Permaculture Lifestyle

Permaculture is a large and diverse topic. It can be centered around building techniques, or the focus can be on food production. Energy systems and resources also come under the permaculture subject. Moving to the countryside, allows you to explore permaculture as little or as much as you want.

Choosing a suitable piece of land will offer you the choices to grow and develop permaculture theories and practices as and when you want to. Spending times with permaculture communities is usually a great benefit in gathering information for what kind of land you want.

Unconventional Methods

Having your own land in a rural area is a great opportunity to experiment with unconventional methods. Many traditional and conventional methods of building, do not work hand in hand. Yet, many permaculture buildings show that they can.

Earthbag houses with double glazing, concrete structures with turf roofs show that mixing methods can be successful. Modern architects charge ridiculous amounts of money for designs using ‘cutting edge’ techniques mixed with ‘traditional’ or ‘eco’ methods.

You can experiment with these, without the huge costs involved in urban and suburban areas.

Holistic Systems

The heart of permaculture is creating holistic systems that work together. Moving to the countryside allows you the chance to start with the proverbial ‘clean slate’. You can plan and implement a complete system that is designed for your needs.

You can also adapt and improve these systems, build different ones, and test theories. It is difficult in an urban setting to be able to build holistic systems for many reasons. In a rural setting most of these problems are removed.

Grow At Your Pace

Moving to the countryside allows you the time and space to grow at a pace suitable for you. Developing systems such as hydroponics into aquaponic ones can only be done successfully over time.

Living in an urban environment, time and space become valuable commodities that are used up by many other things. In a rural setting, the pace feels so much slower allowing you to grow and implement ideas at a pace more suitable for both the idea and yourself

Off-Grid Living

The dream of those that wish to become totally self-reliant, off-grid living has many meanings for different people. For some it is simply retiring to a rural cottage, or starting a homestead. For others it is taking permaculture to its most advanced stages. Others take the van life, RV approach, and for some it is the tiny homes movement.

Off-grid or off the grid is a disconnection from conventional systems, this could be as simple as not having a hard-wired telephone line. It could be a lack of connection to the power grid. Maybe it is a cabin in the woods with no mains power or water.  

How Off-Grid 

The great thing about moving to the countryside is you can choose how Off-Grid you want to be. Moving to a cabin that has no hardwired amenities may be ideal for some, yet horrific for others. The ability to select allows you to dip your toes or dive right in.

For some having the mains power to start with while developing alternative energy systems will be the ideal choice. For others water will be the deciding factor and relying on a clean safe supply is the most important choice.

Being completely off-grid is a hard choice so think about how deep you want to go before making a commitment.


Off-grid living, once set up proves a level of freedom hard to achieve another way. Being none reliant on external power provisions, and services reduce both costs and potential issues. Learning to make your own power via hydro, wind, or solar gives you an understanding and ability to repair the system.

Knowing how to collect and purify your own water supply removes the reliance on external water companies. Tied closely with permaculture this self-sufficiency is the ideal desired by many, and moving to a rural area allows this to become more of a reality


For those that take the van life or RV route of off-grid living, the ability to travel when and where they want is the perfect life. Relying on online income many travel around the countryside visiting amazing places and seeing stunning landscapes.

Very few make the choice to drive around a city spending the night in parking lots. These modern-day nomads often get to see parts of the countryside rarely seen by others. Relying on small portable systems to be truly off-grid

Moving to the country for access to outdoor sports
Moving to the country for access to outdoor sports

Outdoor Sports And Activities 

Camping, climbing, kayaking, and all the other outdoor sports and activities become far more accessible after moving to the countryside. When moving we will choose a region or area that provides the sport or activity we are mainly interested in.

However where there is one outdoor activity there are usually may others as well. Being able to access these opens up other doors to new adventures and experiences. When these are on your ‘doorstep’ you really appreciate the ability to just go and do. The amount of preparation and travel for many in the city is why they opt-out.


Any area of water will have some form of water activity nearby. Fishing and canoe can be accessed on many areas of water in the countryside. Larger boating and water sports may require specific types of water such as lakes or fast-flowing rivers.

There is the opportunity to combine activities with things such as canoe fishing. A river on your land can offer you these options so close at hand that they can be daily activities for minimal cost. compared to living in the city where travel alone to a water source can prohibit most.


Mountain regions offer many many options for sports and outdoor activities and for many is the main reason for moving to the countryside. Different seasons will offer different sports with skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

Living in an area within easy reach of a good mountain region offers so many choices, that it will take many years to explore them all and even longer to start getting bored. You can develop many new skills, gaining hours of enjoyment in amazing landscapes.


Horseriding can be difficult without the introduction of traffic and sudden noises. Living in a rural area provides a safer environment for this and other animal-based activities. Even keeping pets is far better when living in a rural area.

Quieter roads benefit horse riders and dog walkers, giving both more enjoyment. Bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts also gain a better opportunity to enjoy their hobbies in a rural setting.


Moving to the country is a good idea, as it allows many of us to enjoy our interests and hobbies. Having space to start a homestead or explore permaculture, or simply retire in peace and quiet is what makes it a good idea.

The hustle and bustle of city life is great for many, yet for the rest of us it is overwhelming and stressful. In 10 Reasons Rural Living Is Better For You we highlighted the physical and mental health benefits of rural living. Here we have looked at some of the other reasons as well. 

Please leave a comment below about what articles you would like, or if you want to share your thoughts and ideas on this topic.

5 Recommended Books from Amazon

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  4. Start Your Farm: The Authoritative Guide to Becoming a Sustainable 21st Century Farmer
  5. Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests

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