Pellet Stoves:The Alternative Way To Heat Your Home
Pellet Stoves:The Alternative
Way To Heat Your Home

If you have had enough of whopping energy consumption bills due to the use of electronic heating devices, its time you switch to pellet stoves. Pellet stoves refer to stoves that use pellets as a fuel. Pellets are very cost-effective and are quite efficient as compared to the electronic devices used for heating purposes.

Pellet stoves are effective home heaters. A pellet stove is just like a wood stove; the only difference is that it is automated.

A pellet stove is quite simple to use. You are just required to add pellets to the hopper of the stove and thereby set the desired heat output. The stove will automatically determine the optimum amount of air for combustion. Most pellet stoves come with a fan to circulate air via a heat exchanger. Some stoves rely on radiant heat delivery process.

What is Pellet Fuel?

Pellets are biomass products, made-up of wood paste or sawdust. Pellets acts as a renewable and clean-burning fuels. More than 600,000 thousand people in North America use wood pellets for heat. These pellets are used in fireplace inserts, furnaces, and freestanding stoves. The pellet fuels turn waste materials into sources of energy. Pellets such as the ones from the U.S. Stove company are 100% sawdust

How do pellet stoves work?

Pellet stoves are basically electronic devices. These stoves automatically adjust and control combustion, blowers, fans, and heating. You are required to insert pellets into the hopper located at the top of the stove. A hopper generally holds up to 80 pounds of pellets.

Most pellet stoves contain an auger. The purpose of the auger is to deliver pellets to the combustion chamber from the hopper. The movements of the auger can be set manually, but it’s generally set automatically. Replacement Motors are available from places such as Amazon

Pellets are delivered at a rate of 1 pound per hour, in case of glowing fire, and 5 pounds per hour, for a blazing fire. The size of the fire depends on the amount of the feed.

Most Pellets For Pellet Stoves Are Recycled Sawdust
Most pellets for Pellet stoves
are recycled sawdust

The pellets are fed into the firepot of the combustion chamber. To encourage superheated flame, combustion air is blown into the chamber. A fan, provided inside the stove, draws in the room air. The drawn air is heated at about 250 degrees in the heat exchanger. Then the warmed air is thrown back in the room. Pellet stoves rely on convective heat. This is the reason why pellet stoves are not hot when touched.

The combustion gases are vented outside the room via a flue that exits on the top of the unit. Pellet stoves do not require chimneys.

Types of pellet stoves

Pellet stoves are available in various styles and size varieties. There are different types of pellet stoves available.


For great flexibility freestanding pellet stoves are available. These stoves are available with installation options. These stoves are supported by a pedestal. Freestanding pellet stoves are designed to be installed in any area of the house. However there is one limitation, they should never be installed in sleeping areas. These stoves are placed on a protector such as this one from Plow and Hearth available on Amazon, which is non-combustible in nature. Freestanding pellet stoves should always be installed at a safe distance away from combustible surfaces.

Cleveland Iron Works PS20W-CIW Pellet Stove

Fireplace insert Pellet Stoves

Fireplace inserts are also a type of pellet stoves. These are installed in working fireplaces. The space between the fireplace opening and the insert is covered decoratively by a panel. These pellet inserts are typically installed in masonry fireplaces. These pellet stoves offer your home a look of fireplace setting. These stoves are economical. You can apply bricks around and atop this type of stove to give it a look of a fireplace. You would require a non-combustible floor protector to provide for air space under the unit.

Comfortbilt HP22i Pellet Stove/Fireplace Insert

Pellet stoves, no doubt, provide you with low-cost fuel and reduces your energy consumption bills drastically. Mother Nature provides yet another better fuel alternative to keep you warm and cozy.

Matt The Fixer shows you how easy it is to install a pellet stove

How to Clean Your Pellet Stove

Most of the time wood pellet stoves will run better and more efficiently when they are clean. The air inside can move around better and this will allow the appropriate combustion in the firebox.

You can clean your pellet stove yourself and it will not take much time or work at all. You will have to have a few simple tools in order to get a better clean and have an easier time as well.

What Do You Need To Clean Your Pellet Stove

A few things that you will need to clean your pellet stove are a paintbrush, paper towels, cloths, shop vac such as the Tack life Ash Vac, and the scraping rod that usually comes along with your stove. When you place a new bag of pellets into the hopper of the stove, it is a good idea to clean the heat exchanger. When you are cleaning this it will allow the heat to move from the firebox to your area a lot easier. It is best to use a good quality pellet to avoid cleaning more often.

When you shut your pellet stove off, you can then use the paintbrush to clean the dust that the stove produces. You can use any other type of duster or brush for this job too. The brush will have the ability to get into the small cracks and spaces that the dust can fall into. You will then be able to vacuum the ash out of the collection pan easily.

Doing simple cleaning each month will make it easier to do a thorough cleaning every few months or so. You can use your brush or shop vac to clean the tough to see areas that are going to need to be cleaned. Also, each year you should get a professional furnace cleaner to check your gaskets and motors to make sure that they are running freely. They will be able to get into the tough areas and see if there is anything that looks like it needs replaced or fixed. Also, have the firepot cleaned well wand test your battery back up system if you have one equipped on your pellet stove.

Shut Down Your Pellet Stove For Summer

When it is time to shut your pellet stove off for the summer, you should take out all of the pellets from the hopper. Pellets that are left inside over the summer may accumulate moisture and not need feed properly when you turn your stove back on in the fall. Also, you will have to unplug your stove to protect in if there are any lightning strikes or even a power surge that can harm your stove.

Pellet Stoves Are A Great 
Low Cost Heating Choice
Pellet stoves are a great
low cost heating choice

You should also check your owner’s manual to see if there are any other recommended cleaning and safety tips to follow. It is always smart to use caution and common sense when you are using a pellet stove. When you follow the rules and the instructions, you will see that this is a great way to heat your home.

If you have the right shaped model you can also use your pellet stove to cook on. This article will help you learn more

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