good things about rural areas

This article will show you some of the good things about rural areas and of living in a rural area. Moving to the countryside has many advantages over living in an urban environment. Living is a city or large town can be polluted, noisy and hectic. For a family this can be far from ideal. The sheer volume of people and traffic creates hundreds of potential risks per day. There is a good reason Country living appears ideal and why so many of us vacation in these areas. 


  1. What are the Advantages of Rural Areas?
  2. Why is Rural Life Better?
  3. Why Rural Areas are Better Than Urban Areas?
  4. The Best Things About Rural Life
  5. Benefits of Country Living
  6. Conclusion
Hay Bales- Good Things About Rural Areas
Hay Bales- Good Things About Rural Areas

What are the Advantages of Rural Areas?

First let’s look at some of the financial benefits of living in a rural area as opposed to urban life. In a previous post we explored some of the disadvantages financially to rural living. So to balance that here are some of the benefits.


Rural property for the most part will be cheaper than urban, particularly city properties. In a study by James A. Kurre titled Is The Cost Of Living Less In Rural Areas? it was estimated “that the average urban resident of Pennsylvania pays about 6 percent more than rural residents for a broad basket of goods and services.”

Although written in 2003, inflation will have increased this amount each and every year.

Access to Organic Food

Food in a rural area is cheaper for the simple fact that much of the produce is grown locally, this results in less cost to ship the food to the store.

If you also include in this the availability of space to grow much of your own food, you reduce the cost of your food budget dramatically.

Also either growing your own, or by knowing which field your food came from locally increases your knowledge of how many chemicals are in that food. 

Travel To Work

If you work on your own land or on a neighbors farm, travel to work is minimum. Working from home is also a possible zero travel option available for many.

But even if you have to travel a few miles, rural roads see far less traffic than major city roads. Traffic jams are unheard of in many rural areas, so if you live and work in the countryside you can feel confident that you will not get stuck in a jam for hours.

Why is Rural Life Better?

So after looking at the advantages of rural areas, why are they better? In this section we are going to explore the benefits for children. How will moving country life be better for your kids and improve their standard of living?

More space for Kids

A huge reason rural life is better for children is space. Fields, forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes, are all great for kids to have access to. Properties in rural areas are not only cheaper as mentioned above but also tend to come with larger open spaces around them. That freedom to run and explore is perfect to improve your child’s mental and physical health

Access To Outdoor Sports

Many city schools, and sports centers and often small and overcrowded. and the chance to take part in an outdoor activity can be severely limited. Living in a rural area, means direct access to camping, hunting, climbing, and hiking based sports. There is also more space for track and field-based sports and if near suitable water, lake and river-based sports will also be easily accessed.

Children’s Safety

Less traffic on the roads in rural areas, means children are less likely to be involved in a traffic accident. Rural areas develop tight communities, so most people in the surrounding area will know you and your family, and you will know them. This means less strangers. It also means many eyes to keep an eye on your children when they are out and about.

Rural Traffic - Good Things About Rural Areas
Rural Traffic – Good Things About Rural Areas

Why Rural Areas are Better Than Urban Areas?

SO we have already seen how financially country living can benefit you and how a rural environment will be safer for your children and give them plenty of outdoor-based opportunities. 

Now here are some of the reasons a Rural area is better than an Urban one.


As we mentioned above, rural areas develop tight communities. Belonging to a close community can be rewarding in many ways. Like an extended family, a rural community will be there to aid you when you need it, from support with our children, to helping you when you are ill. Rural communities develop amazing support networks.

Less Noise

Living in a city, your brain adjusts and adapts to the constant noise around you, cars, sirens and many other things blend into the background of city life. In a rural area, wildlife becomes the background noise. You will be surprised how much noise there is in a city but only once you leave it. Peace and quiet in a rural area is a great tool for reducing stress.


Seeing wildlife in a more natural setting is perhaps one of the best things about country living. Children in particular will love being their first wild rabbit, or deer. Also, more space in a rural environment lends itself to having pets, which also benefits mental health and children. If your plan is to homestead then livestock become very viable with the space of rural properties

The Best Things About Rural Life

Having looked at many advantages and reasons that rural areas are better than urban ones. How about some of the best things about rural life. What other benefits does living in a rural area provide.

Less Light Pollution

Light pollution like noise is often overlooked living in a city. With the pollution from traffic added to the mix being able to see the stars can often be difficult. The difference in the night sky between an Urban area and a Rural area can be stunning and can go from seeing hundreds of stars to thousands. 

The View

Looking up at the night sky in a rural area can be breathtaking. Looking out across open fields, up at mountains, or over forests can also be an awe-inspiring experience. Imagine your day involving watching the sunrise every morning across hills and fields. Starting the day with an amazing rural view, will certainly do wonders for your health and well-being

Slower Pace of Living

Rural areas for most of the time will have a slower pace of life, centered around animal, crop, and weather cycles. There are periods of high activity such as harvest time, yet these are surrounded by slower waiting for things to grow periods. This slower pace of life like many of the benefits of country living, allows your health both mentally and physically to improve.

The Milky Way
The Milky way – Good Things About Rural Areas

Benefits of Country Living

You would perhaps think that the previous twelve good things about rural living covered everything. This is not so, there are many more reasons that country living is better than city living.  This article could easily be a book, but here are three more that we feel are perhaps the most important.

Clean Air

We have touched on pollution already, with noise and light. The lack of traffic in a rural area lowers harmful exhaust fumes. The amount of vegetation in a rural areal boosts the oxygen and lowers carbon dioxide. This leads to the air being noticeably cleaner. There also tends to be less factories in rural areas, again reducing harmful emissions in the area. This has a huge physical health benefit to many with respiratory illnesses 

Lower Crime Rates

Everyone knowing everyone in a rural area has the advantage of lower crime rates. Less strangers and simply less people also mean less crime. The potential of the lower cost of living and a closer community also aids in this. And when crime does happen, the local police and close community network will work together in dealing with it.

Improved Mental Health

Perhaps the best think about rural living is the impact on mental health. Many people who move to a rural area find that the pace of life and reduction in stress dramatically improves their mental health. Friendship and support also help and make hard times feel more manageable.


In conclusion Good things about rural areas, cover many topics and benefits. Both Health and children can be benefited by living in rural areas. Community and the rural lifestyle are key factors in making rural areas some of the best places to live. The difficulty is perhaps in where and how to start your Going Rural lifestyle. We hope this article is both thought-provoking and informative.

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