10 Reasons Rural Living Is Better For You

This article highlights 10 of the reasons why rural living is better for you. Moving to the countryside has many benefits.

Physical and mental health can both benefit from a rural lifestyle. Families may find that country living is the best choice for them both due to space and financial implications.  

We have all had the urge to get away from it all. We have all had that sense of peace and tranquility a rural area can provide. More and more people are looking to move to the country, this is some of the reasons why.


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Clean Air - One Of The Reasons Rural Living Is Better For You
Clean air – one of the reasons rural living is better for you

Physical Health

In a world of high tech machinery and mass manufacture, pollution is a serious problem. High-speed lifestyles result in fast-food diets. Many meals are now hurried eat and run type activities.

More and more jobs are desk-based, with people spending hours sat down. The drive to work and the actual job resulting in a sedentary lifestyle. Our lifestyle has become more and more unhealthy the more we develop and rely on technology.

Rural living takes a step away from this, a move toward a more basic lifestyle. So what can a country life offer for your health? Let’s look at the first of the 10 reasons why rural living is better for you and your physical health.

1 Clean Air

Transport and factories fill the air with fumes constantly. Less traffic and manufacturing in rural areas reduce this pollution. The deeper into the countryside you go, the more your air quality improves.

All the traffic in an urban area releases multiple particles into the air. These particles travel into the lungs, where they impair breathing and increase the risk of serious illness. We have all know for many years that country air is cleaner and a short time spent in a rural area usually makes us breathe a little easier. ( once the smell of manure subsides).

2 Healthier Food

Farm shops and small local produce stores have the ability to offer food less tainted with pesticides and chemicals. Most food in a rural area is likely to be organic. Produce available in the city is usually chemically treated or the organic offerings are way more expensive than the rural counterparts.

Health food shops in urban areas are trend-based businesses directed to making a sale. In a rural area quite often better quality organic food is available to buy, often from the farmer who grew is. There is also more potential to be able to grow your own in a rural environment.

3 Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise in cities and towns usually involves running or jogging along busy streets with traffic pumping out pollution nearby, or it is an overpopulated city park. Other exercise options include expensive gyms, or travel to suitable outdoor areas.

When you live in a rural area, you have access to a much more open space. Jogging through a woodland or around the edge of a farmers field is far more pleasurable and beneficial than a busy city street. Day to day life also offers more chance to be outdoors. 

Overall rural living is better for your physical health by providing cleaner air, healthier food and the opportunities to undertake outdoor exercise. What about mentally? What does a rural lifestyle offer for your mental health?

Mental Health

City life is often filled with events, situations, and environments that harm your mental health. busy streets, confrontations are a regular occurrence. These situations can all ado and increase your stress levels. Constant stimuli of noise, people, smells, and lights can overwhelm your brain.

All these things can lead over time too long term mental health issues. Just as your body needs to take a break now and again to replenish energy levels, so too does your brain. If your brain does not have a chance to relax and wind down, it can soon lead to issues where even the simplest of things can cause a major issue. 3 out of the 10 reasons that rural living is better for you are about mental health

4 Lower Stress

Living in the countryside there is far less stimuli, less traffic, less people, and less noise. All this leads to your brain finding everything easier to cope with. The lack of constant bombardment allows your mind to concentrate more on the task at hand.

This lower stimuli allows your brain to deal with stressful situations differently than in the city, where people responded worse to stress.  A chance to relax and wind down is as important for the brain as it is for the body.

5 Community Bonds

Rural communities are often closer-knit and more dependant on each other than city dwellers. The very nature of a city breeds distrust in those around you. and the fast-paced life affords little time to get to know many neighbours well.

Being in a closed environment with your neighbours creates a stress condition, breeding animosity due to the constant closeness. In a rural community, you may not even be able to see your neighbours house, yet in a city apartment, you may have no choice but to hear your neighbours every night.

6 Wildlife/pets

Watching wildlife is a great way to reduce stress and relax. An ideal pastime to help your mental health. Living in a rural area, there is usually an abundance of wildlife nearby. Locating the wildlife can become its own pleasurable pastime adding to the mental health benefits.

Rural living also offers a better opportunity to keep pets. Owning a dog it is far more enjoyable to walk them in the local woodland than around a city dog park. Even less conventional pets such as chickens can help reduce stress, and encourage relaxation.

The space and opportunity to own pets is one of the reasons that rural living is better for you.

Open Space - One Of The Reasons Rural Living Is Better For You
open Space – One Of The Reasons Rural Living Is Better For You


Family will annoy each other, in the close confines of a city apartment even more so. Living in close proximity with no avenue for escape creates a high level of animosity and stress.

Rural living usually includes more space to live in, gardens to escape to, and a chance to get away from each other from time to time. The safety and security of your family is also a reason that rural living is better for you.

7 More Space

Rural property usually includes more space. This could be the form of larger houses or gardens. It also has to include the surrounding area. Being able to allow children to run a little wild over a larger area develops their self-confidence. Knowing that the area they are in is safe, allows you to relax.

This combination provides your children a chance to explore not only the surroundings but also their persona. Cramped into a city apartment children are never afforded the mental or physical space to develop their own personality naturally. 

8 Lower Crime Rates

One of the reasons you will feel safer allowing your children some freedom is the lower crime rate most rural areas offer. The simple lack of people reduces crime. However the community bonds and lower stress also impacts the crime rates. In a city there can be a stranger around every corner.

In a rural community, where everyone knows each other a stranger stands out. This leads strangers in rural areas to be observed and monitored by the community. We have all felt that feeling the first time we travel to a new rural area. Strangers feel uneasy in rural areas. That feeling we have felt as a stranger in a rural area is what we know will help keep our families safe.

9 Autonomy

Much like allowing children to develop their own personalities. Rural living also allows adults to develop personal autonomy. It is impossible to walk down any city street without being bombarded. Adverts are everywhere in an urban environment. Music, shops, billboards, and the spare surfaces can appear plastered with adverts.

What you should buy, who you should like, what you should listen to, and even what to eat are constant stimuli. All of this stops you from making your own mind up. This constant distraction and overabundance of fake choices are designed to distract us and stop us from thinking for ourselves.

10 Resolve

Resolve is often overlooked as one of the 10 reasons rural living is better for you.

Rural life breeds a sense of getting on with it not found in other lifestyles. Make do and mend attitudes, and an acceptance that things may or may not turn out as planned are common. A resolve towards the weather is also common in a rural lifestyle. Even during a rainstorm animals may need feeding or crop tending.

This resolve to get things done, is perhaps one of the best reasons for a rural lifestyle. Those in rural communities due to being less distracted by too many stimuli and by building resolve to get tasks done, tend to lack the procrastination that many city dwellers poses.

outdoor exercise is far better in this environment


The 10 reasons rural living is better for you to include. Physical health with clean air, better food, and access to outdoor exercise. Mental health, due to lower stress, community bonds and better opportunities to keep pets and animals.

Your family benefits by having access to more open space and lower crime rates. A rural life also allows you more autonomy, the chance to develop resolve, and a better environment for your children to also develop these traits. 

Leave a comment below if you found this article useful and any reasons why you think Rural Living Is Better for us.

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